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Waucedah Township

Dickinson County, Michigan

Waucedah Township Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance Articles

The following Articles are sections of the Waucedah Township Zoning Ordinance. Each corresponding Article is a scanned PDF of the ordinance at the time of the creation of this website and are not guaranteed to be up to date. To view an article click the article name.

  1. Purpose of Zoning
  2. Definitions
  3. Zoning Districts and Maps
  4. General Regulations
  5. Signs
  6. Site Plan Review
  7. Conditional Use Permits
  8. Nonconforming Uses and Structures
  9. Access Management
  10. Administration and Enforcement
  11. Zoning Board of Appeals
  12. Planning and Zoning Authority
  13. Interpretation, Severability, Vested Right, Penalties, and Effective Date
  14. Blight Prevention Ordinance

Other Policies and Regulations

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